Tree Removal Northern Suburbs Adelaide

Specialising in Tree Removal Northern Suburbs Adelaide

Correct practice is essential to facilitating long-term results in our field, which is why ProArbor Tree Strategies take a calculated and educated approach to tree removal Northern Suburbs Adelaide. Our tree removal service includes:

  • The complete removal of any tree variety
  • Removal of both new and dead stumps, right down to the root system
  • Pruning of trees, shrubs and bushes
  • Lopping and full disposal of all tree remnants.

Another core area of concern in our line of work is safety, so we work to completely eliminate the risk of any hazard both during, and after your tree removal Northern Suburbs Adelaide. This means working in full compliance with AS 4373, while following all relevant safe operating procedures to a tee. Attention to detail is where we excel, taking our time to get the job done properly with as little disruption to your daily movements as possible.

Leaders in the Field

ProArbor have become the leading experts in tree removal Northern Suburbs Adelaide, continually growing our reputation through passion and commitment to the trade. The team is led by Justin Selway, who founded the business with nothing more than a ute, trailer and limited equipment back in 2002.

Regardless of his resources, Justin managed to consistently grow both the company and its reputation through offering a level of customer service that matches the quality of his workmanship.

Now having established a wide network of positive relationships right across Adelaide, Justin and the team at ProArbor Tree Strategies are engaged for diverse projects for council and local government bodies, large corporations, and of course—private householders.

Every new recruit is encouraged to pursue the highest of qualifications in the field, starting with foundational knowledge from a Certificate three in Horticulture Arboriculture. That’s how you know you’re always getting the best from ProArbor.

Our Lot Clearing Service

Trees add a lot of value to our ecosystem, so we explore all the possible avenues before going straight in with our tree removal Northern Suburbs Adelaide. However, we completely understand that there’s also a number of good reasons as to why people want to get rid of them too.

Whether it’s making space for a new development, clearing room to create a more established yard or removing the risk of falling branches during the wilder seasons—tree removal Northern Suburbs Adelaide can be essential to improving the conditions of your life at home.

The ProArbor team take care of all liaising with your local council or relevant government bodies, and will carry out a full evaluation of the lot before going in and clearing the space. We can even remove and transplant trees to different areas of the property, retaining their value and aesthetic without posing an interference.

With minimal disruption, affordable service, and fully compliant tree removal Northern Suburbs Adelaide, ProArbor are the most reliable team to carry out your tree services. Contact Justin today on 0414 947 836 or send through your emails to for a fast response.

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