Stump Removal Adelaide

Fast & Effective Stump Removal Adelaide

Thinking about stump removal Adelaide? If you’ve had a tree removed which has left you with an unsightly or intrusive stump, our team of experts will carry out effective tree removal Adelaide to restore the space.

Stumps are generally left behind for two reasons: a failed attempt at felling, or natural circumstances that have had led to the falling of the tree. But if the stump exists, then so do the roots, which enables future growth and negates the point of getting the tree removed in the first place.

While in some cases stumps can add aesthetic or functional value (e.g. when used as a stool) they’re more commonly referred to as a nuisance. They are a tripping hazard for children and the elderly, a haven for unwanted pests like white ants, a hurdle when doing your gardening and rather uneasy on the eye.

About ProArbor Tree Strategies

We’ve been delivering professional stump removal Adelaide since 2002, providing South Australians with a convenient and affordable service to address tree concerns. Driven by the expertise of Director Justin Selway, our team of leaders continually strive to grow the ProArbor reputation by demonstrating a commitment to both the trade, and our community.

Ongoing training, stringent quality control procedures and advanced equipment are our recipe for success. We encourage all of our employees to pursue the highest qualifications attainable, starting by ticking off the foundations through a Certificate III in Horticulture.

Education is really what sets professional arborists apart from standard tree loppers, taking a more strategic approach that will help either prevent or maintain growth down the track. Otherwise referred to as “tree surgeons”, we’re able to assess, diagnose and implement solutions that suit both your needs and the environment. That’s why we’re the go to for stump removal Adelaide!

Our Service Capabilities

In addition to stump removal Adelaide, our capabilities spread across all areas of the trade. Tree pruning in particular is a service we’re often approached for to reduce the hazard of falling branches, remove disease, reduce tree canopies to let light through or generally open up a space.

While it sounds like a basic job, we’ve learnt through both training and experience that unskilled lopping and pruning can actually do more harm than good. The risks are:

  • Affecting the weight distribution of the tree, leaving it susceptible to topping or splitting
  • Increasing the exposure to sun damage and disease, which has potential to kill the tree
  • Weakening the foundation, impacting the sturdiness of branches that grow back
  • Shocking or starving the tree, resulting in death.

So, while many people are understandably confused between an arborist and lopper, you can trust in the long-term results of our stump removal Adelaide.

Whether it’s tree lopping or pruning, lot clearing or stump removal Adelaide—ProArbor Tree Strategies will come up with an effective plan to meet your needs without compromising the health of the environment. Call us on 0414 947 836 or send an email through to

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