Tree Removal Adelaide

Trees are beautiful. They provide habitats and the very air that we breathe. Unfortunately, there are some situations that will require tree removal. This is especially the case in high wind areas in Adelaide where trees are in proximity to roofs, windows and power lines. Trees in high wind areas or proximity to houses and power lines are a safety hazard for road users, tenants, pets, and habitat.

At ProArbor Tree Strategies Adelaide, we strongly believe that trees should be removed as a last resort, for safety reasons, and by the law. Where possible we suggest alternatives such as pruning and, if plausible, transplanting the tree elsewhere on the property or in an area nearby.

Can any Tree be removed?

No. Tree removal isn’t as easy as choosing a tree and undertaking a tree removal service. There are laws and guidelines in place to ensure trees and vegetation are preserved where possible.

The removal of a tree over 5m will need to be approved by your local council. Some trees (particularly natives) may be included in a government tree preservation order, which in the case of a healthy tree cannot be removed.

There are conditions outlined by the SA government that allow trees to be removed. For example if:

  • The tree is dead or damaged or is about to fall or cause some other immediate damage
  • There are problems with roots blocking pipes
  • The tree is threatening a building or structure
  • The tree is on a boundary, and you or your neighbour wishes to erect a dividing fence, and
  • Branches are threatening roof tiles or other damage


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Our Tree Removal Service

Our team of experienced arborists will inspect and assess problem trees that you may want/need to be removed. We will liaise with your local council to ensure your problem tree meets government guidelines and evaluate if it does pose a risk to the safety of tenants, road users, etc.

We have experience removing trees of all shapes and sizes throughout Adelaide. We remove everything  from shrubs to trees well exceeding 10m in large or confined spaces. ProArbor tree Strategies values safety this is why our arborists comply with Workplace Health and Safety guidelines using harnesses, helmets, and protective equipment. Our staff are equipped with rigging equipment that makes tree removal safe, effective and efficient.

The requirement to remove a backyard or front yard tree is more common than you may think. It is never ideal to remove a tree, however trees that pose a threat to safety may offer no alternative.


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Enquire About Tree Removals

If you are unsure if your problem tree can be removed or poses a risk to safety call us now and speak to one of our qualified arborists. We can set up a consultation and one of our experienced arborists will come and inspect your property. To make an appointment call us on (08) 7223 2302 or send us an enquiry. We perform tree removals in Adelaide and the surrounding area.