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Why do trees and shrubs get pruned?

Apart from looking neat and tidy, there are many benefits of pruning trees and shrubs.

No matter how large the tree or shrub, pruning is possible. Some may choose to prune for aesthetics (i.e. when you see perfectly straight hedges or excess leaves and branches falling in a garden) or for safety reasons such as overhanging branches over homes or a backyard or front yard.

Some benefits of tree pruning include:

  • When pruned young, maintenance will be reduced at later stages of growth
  • Avoiding mess from falling branches and leaves
  • It can encourage plant and tree growth
  • Removing pests and bugs that have infested leaves in parts of a tree to stop the spread of disease and parasites.
  • Removing hazardous dead branches


tree pruning adelaide


What types of trees and shrubs can be pruned?

Almost any shrubs or hedges can be pruned. Depending on the shrub it will have a preferable pruning season within the year. However, it is not to say outside its target season it should not be done. Shrubs that will benefit from pruning include:

  • Hydrangeas and cane shrubs
  • Perennials and deciduous shrubs
  • Bush and standard roses
  • Climbers (some roses, vines, bougainvillea, etc.)
  • Weeping standards (roses and bloom trees)

Pruning is advised for fruit bearing trees, vines and deciduous (trees that lose their leaves) and is best pruned in winter as they remain dormant. However, this is not to say that you shouldn’t/can’t prune throughout the year.


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Our Tree Pruning Services

We have years of experience pruning shrubs and trees in Adelaide to promote growth, for safety and aesthetics depending on our clients needs and requests.

At ProArbor we care for the environment, and by this, we will only prune the least amount of tree branches or shrubs as possible.

We take employee safety very seriously. This is why our team uses the latest safety equipment including harnesses and personal protective equipment.

Our team equipped to trim and remove branches of trees of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced team of arborists safely utilise machinery to gain access to large trees with safety harnesses.

We also provide additional pruning services such as canopy lifting and balancing, lateral weight reduction, structural pruning, reduction of overhang and more.

To find out more about our tree pruning services in Adelaide call us now on (08) 7223 2302.

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 Can anyone do tree pruning?

Yes and no. If it is a few little branches here and there and you have the tools you can cut a tree or shrub yourself.

However, without the proper knowledge, you may end up doing more harm than good, which can affect the growth and if a fruiting tree the harvest from incorrect pruning.

There is the issue of height when pruning trees. For safety reasons it is not advised for an inexperienced person to climb a large tree and prune branches. The safety issue is for the climber and regarding the dropping branches.

In both cases large or small trees and shrubs, it's often better to leave it to the professionals, like us!


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