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Depending on your opinion, tree stumps can be seen as a thing of beauty and convenience (a handy seat) or simply a part of nature that remains and does not cause a bother or you may find a tree stump ugly on the eye and inconveniently placed.

Tree stumps can be left when a tree has been dissected across the trunk and has been felled. When a tree stump remains so does the root system, which can allow future growth of the once cut trunk. Tree stumps can be left unintentionally indicating a failed attempt of the felling of a tree or due to natural causes. Severe weather conditions can cause new and old trees to fall, resulting in a stump being left behind.

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Why you should remove a stump.

The removal of a tree stump by a homeowner is usually centred around safety concerns or for backyard or front yard aesthetics. Before making a decision to remove or not to remove a tree stump, you should consider the outcomes if you choose for your tree stump to remain.

A tree stump may result in:

  • Regrowth of the original tree
  • Habitats for pests to build and reside in (white ants, termites, etc.)
  • A tripping hazard, especially for children and the elderly
  • Get in the way with gardening, and
  • Restricted open space



Can I do my own stump removals?

There is no law against stump removal, however for an efficient and safe job we always recommend using a professional. Trained arborists practice safe work procedures including the use of personal protective equipment and have extensive experience using power tools and machinery. While some people may opt for a DIY stump removal to try and cut costs, it's often the case that a poorly done stump removal ends up being more expensive than having it done properly by a trained professional.



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Our stump removal service

There is no job we cannot handle; we have dealt with all kinds of stump sizes, conditions, and we do stump removals across Adelaide. Our company has a team of expert arborists who have broad knowledge and experience when it comes to stump removal. You can rest assured that the job is done safely, efficiently and with the least amount of inconvenience as possible.

Our process of stump removal can depend on several factors including location, stump health, and size. Some can be easily removed while others may require extensive digging or even stump grinding. Our team of arborists inspects and assess each tree stump case by case, to plan and ensure the correct equipment and tools are used to ensure the tree stump is removed quickly and safely.

We value our clients, and this is why we ensure each property is left at neatly as possible. You can expect nothing short of efficient, timely and highest quality when you use any of our tree services.

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Enquire About Stump Removal

Make Proarbor Tree Strategies your choice. Our company has years of experience in providing stump removal services in Adelaide and the surrounding area. For more information or to make an appointment for a tree stump removal in Adelaide call us now on (08) 7223 2302.